4 Types of Coffee Beans – Part 1

4 Types of Coffee Beans – Part 1

Coffee beans are like other plants, they come in a variety of species. The type of coffee plant will dictate what flavor profile the coffee beans will have. There are currently 4 commercial types of coffee beans, with 2 being the most popular across mainstream media. Lavie Coffee is happy to offer the highest quality coffee beans.


4 Types of Coffee Beans

Robusta and Arabica beans is the popular type of coffee beans found in the supermarket. However, there are also 2 other types of coffee beans that are not as well known:

  1. Robusta Beans

These coffee beans are the cheapest type to mass produce due to how easy they are to grow. They can grow at a variety of altitudes in hot climates with irregular rainfall. Unlike the Arabica bean, they are not constrained to grow at one altitude, and they have a greater amount of beans per tree.

However, Robusta beans are known for their strong and highly acidic taste. They also contain more caffeine than Arabica beans which accounts for their stronger taste. If you are looking to get more bang for your buck, then the Robusta beans are ideal for you. However, if you are looking for a flavorful cup of coffee with a smoother flavor profile, Lavie Coffee recommends Arabica beans.


  1. Liberica Beans

One of the rarer types of coffee beans is the Liberica. This bean accounts for only 2% of commercially grown coffee beans. At one point in time, Liberica outproduced the Arabica due to a disease nearly wiping out all the Arabica plants. However, since the Arabica plants have rebounded after their bout with coffee rust, Liberica has grown to the wayside. There are still countries and farms that produce this bean, but it is much more difficult to access than the Robusta or Arabica beans.


Lavie Coffee has an immense selection of high-quality coffee beans available. We painstakingly source our coffee beans so that only the highest quality coffee beans make it to your kitchen. We do not source low-quality beans, and we encourage you to view our full selection of coffee beans at Lavie Coffee.

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