Whole Bean

Whole bean coffees are available for those who grind their own

French Press

This is a coarse grind meant for a French Press brewer.

Cold Brew

A Cold Brew grind is slightly coarser, perfect for your favorite iced coffee.

Paper Filter Grind

Paper Filter Grind is a medium coarseness, ideal for a paper filter or siphon method of brewing.

Chemex Grind

Chemex brewers require a medium-coarse grind for the best flavor extraction and rate of flow.

Espresso Grind

The Espresso grind is a very fine coffee much like table salt, best for an espresso machine or moka pot brewing method. 

Moka Grind

The best grind for a Moka pot coffee is medium to medium-fine, coarser than you'd use for an espresso machine but finer than for a drip coffee maker.