The perfect cup of coffee starts with the beans, but what you do with them can be just as important, if not more important, in order to get the results you expect. There are several different methods of brewing LaVie Coffees, and each of which offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at some of the most popular brewing methods…

The Pour-Over Method

The pour-over brewing method is the process of pouring hot water over your coffee grounds, using either a paper or reusable filter placed in your cup. Your grounds should be very fine, like ground pepper, for the richest flavor. The first step is to pour enough water in to just wet the grounds and let them sit for a minute. Some people prefer to stir the grounds then, but many skip that step. Then, continue pouring hot water in slowly, using a steady, circular motion, until your cup is full. 

The French Press Method

A French Press coffee brewer is a glass container with a plunger device that literally presses the grounds to the bottom after the brewing is finished. Most coffee grinders have a special French Press setting to ensure the ideal density of your grounds. After adding the grounds to your French Press container, add near-boiling water and stir the grounds around for two or three minutes. Then push down the plunger, compressing the grounds to the bottom and pour the coffee into your cup. It may seem a tedious process, but it does result in a robust, flavorful coffee flavor.

The Drip Coffee Machine Method

By far the most popular method for the majority of coffee lovers, a drip coffee maker is a relatively easy way to make good coffee, and you can make more than one cup at a time. There are many brands of drip coffee makers out there, and some of the higher-end machines have features that allow you to select the strength of your brew, cleanable filters for the water and temperature settings of the dripping water. Automatic drip coffee machines can range in price from $30.00 to several hundred dollars, and this is one consumer item you may be well advised to invest a little more money in order to get a better tasting cup of coffee.

The AeroPress Brewing Method

Developed by a professor at Stanford University who had a true passion for great coffee, the AeroPress system is similar to a French Press, with the added plus of only needing to brew for less than 15 seconds. After putting in a filter and adding your coffee grounds, pour in your hot water, let is steep for around 15 seconds and then press the plunger mechanism down to force the water through the grounds. While you can only make one cup at a time, this is a quick and easy way to enjoy a very well-brewed cup of coffee.

The Moka Pot Method

Invented by Italian coffee lover Alfonso Bialetti in 1933, this famous coffee brewer is still made today, and is one of the most economical ways to brew a fantastic cup of coffee. The Moka pot resembles an inverted pot with another pot sitting on top of it, and while there are electric versions, true coffee aficionados prefer the original which you place on your stove burner. Moka pots brew using pressure built up inside the tightly sealed water container on the bottom after adding either warm or room-temperature water. The steam and water rise upwards through the coffee grounds and steep through to make a classic cup, or more, of coffee each time. Many consider the Moka pot, available for under $50.00 from several manufacturers, to be the ultimate coffee brewing method.
Of course, the type and quality of beans you use is still the most critical element to brewing the ideal cup to suit your personal tastes.