4 Types of Coffee Beans – Part 2

4 Types of Coffee Beans – Part 2

Coffee beans come in a variety of blends and flavors. However, the type of coffee bean will dictate the undertones that come through in your cup of coffee. You cannot mask the harsher taste of a Robusta bean or the woodsy flavor of a Liberica bean. There are currently four types of coffee beans available commercially. Lavie Coffee has access to the highest quality coffee beans on the market. We highly recommend the Arabica bean for its smooth and semi-sweet flavor profile.


4 Types of Coffee Beans

We previously discussed the Robusta and Liberica beans. However, there are two more coffee beans available for purchase commercially.

  1. Arabica Beans

When people think of smooth and full-bodied coffee, they have the Arabica bean in mind. Arabica beans currently account for over 60% of the coffee drinking worldwide. Compared to the Robusta beans, Arabica has twice the amount of sugar but half of the caffeine. The flavor of the Arabica is less bitter than Robusta and equates to a better-tasting cup of coffee.

However, the Arabica plant is more difficult to grow than the other types of coffee plants. The Arabica plant can only be produced at high altitudes, and it must be grown in a moist, warm environment. Since the Arabica plants are more challenging to grow, the beans are more expensive than the Robusta beans. Our brewing experts at Lavie Coffee understand that the Arabica beans are highly sought after for their flavor profiles. We source our coffee beans only to allow the best of the best to make it into our coffee blends.


  1. Excelsa Beans

The Excelsa beans have recently been classified as a Liberica bean due to their growing similarities. To date, the Excelsa beans account for 7% of the coffee beans grown commercially. Consumers of the Excelsa beans noted that the coffee tastes like a light roast, but it also has a more complex flavor profile as you continue to drink it.


Coffee beans come in a variety of types, and our brewing experts at Lavie Coffee encourage you to try as many as possible to narrow down your favorite flavor profiles. Lavie Coffee offers the highest quality coffee beans available in both single-sourced coffee and various blends.
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