Are Coffee Beans Seasonal?

Are Coffee Beans Seasonal?

As we head into the fall and winter months, you may be wondering if coffee beans have an ideal harvesting season. Coffee beans are not like the typical fruit and vegetables found in the produce aisle of the grocery store. Although coffee beans are a seasonal product, the process of harvesting, washing, and drying coffee beans is lengthy. Lavie Coffee partners with farmers worldwide to ensure that we always have high-quality coffee beans available for our customers.


Coffee Is Not Easy to Grow 

The coffee plant only grows under ideal conditions in a tropical climate. The coffee plant requires a specific temperature, humidity, and altitude to grow. Some locations experience these growing conditions year-round, while others only see these conditions during a particular time of year. This means that some countries, specifically Kenya and Columbia, can grow and produce coffee beans all year, while others are seasonal. 

When Is Coffee Season? 

The rule of thumb is that countries above the equator will pick their coffee beans between September and March while countries below the equator will harvest between April to August. Lavie Coffee keeps these coffee seasons in mind when selecting which farmers we partner with for beans. By maintaining a wide network of farmers from around the globe, we always have fresh coffee beans available. 

What helps to extend the coffee season is that coffee farmers do not pick their crops all at one time either. They will only pick the ripest coffee beans and leave the rest to mature on the plant. Coffee beans take approximately 2 to 3 months to fully mature, with many maturing at different times. Picking coffee beans prior to peak ripeness will destroy their flavor and result in a low-quality bean. These unripe beans are easy to tell apart from the rest. The bean master at Lavie Coffee, Paul Massard, hand picks the coffee beans from each region at the beginning of the growing season. Paul personally sees that there are no unripe or low-quality beans in the coffee blends at Lavie Coffee. 

View Our Full Selection of High-Quality Beans Year Round 

We have coffee beans to suit every palate at Lavie Coffee. Our coffee beans have been carefully sourced for quality and freshness by our brewmasters. Once you try one of our coffee blends, you will not be disappointed. View our full selection of single blends and blended coffee beans at Lavie Coffee.

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