Back to School Means Having the Ability to Drink Coffee Peacefully

Back to School Means Having the Ability to Drink Coffee Peacefully

By the time September rolls around, most parents are clamoring for their kids to start school again. Sending your child to school means that you can finally drink that cup of coffee in peace and quiet for the first time in three months. Taking the time to enjoy a cup of coffee sets the tone for the entire day. Start the day off on the right foot by using Lavie Coffee beans. Our ethically sourced coffee beans are handpicked by coffee experts for their high quality.

Why Choose Lavie Coffee Beans?

Focusing on self-care is important for your mental health. Millions of Americans start their day off with a cup of coffee. Rather than settling for a bottom-shelf grocery store brand, treat yourself to high-quality coffee beans from Lavie Coffee. Once you taste the difference, you will never go back to the grocery store for coffee beans.

What Sets Lavie Coffee Beans Apart?

At Lavie Coffee, we believe that it is all about the bean. Our experts hand-pick only the highest quality coffee beans to make it into our roasts. Any imperfect coffee beans are discarded. Although some may call this wasteful, imperfect coffee beans will not roast properly or have the same flavor as ones consistent in size and shape.

Once the coffee beans are hand-picked, the next step is waiting for your order. Lavie Coffee never pre-roasts our coffee beans. All coffee beans are roasted to order in small batches. This ensures that you receive the freshest coffee beans possible delivered to your door. Our roast masters recommend ordering 2 weeks’ worth of coffee beans at a time. Coffee beans begin to lose their peak flavor 2 – 3 weeks after being roasted.

Parents Need a Treat Too

With school back in session, you have made it through another summer with the kids at home. You deserve a mind-blowing cup of coffee in the morning to treat yourself. We take our coffee very seriously, and only ship out the best of the best to our customers. Check out our full selection of high-quality coffee beans at Lavie Coffee. We offer varying sizes of pre-ground coffee beans, as well as whole coffee beans.

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