Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Coffee Connoisseurs

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Coffee Connoisseurs

One thing that millions of us have in common is the love of coffee. For many people, coffee is a staple of their morning routine, and they cannot imagine starting their day without it. Whether you have been with your significant other for only a few short months or together for many years, every coffee lover would appreciate receiving a gift of high-quality coffee beans from Lavie Coffee. A cup of coffee crafted from top-shelf coffee beans offers a remarkable taste compared with the beans found on the shelves of your local supermarket.

What Sets Lavie Coffee Apart?

Lavie Coffee offers high-quality coffee beans at affordable prices. All of the beans at Lavie Coffee are ethically sourced and hand-picked by a coffee bean expert, Paul Massard. Any beans that do not make the cut quality-wise are not imported to our roasting facility. We only accept the best of the best beans, because the quality of the beans makes a major impact on the final flavor of your cup of coffee.

Types of Coffee Grinds Available

The most important decision you can make when giving the gift of coffee for Valentine’s Day is deciding which grind to purchase. Lavie Coffee makes it easy to choose your grind size depending on the desired brewing method. For example, we offer our coffee beans in the following grinds:

  • Whole Bean – this is a safe option if you do not know your significant other’s brewing preferences. They may grind the beans themselves using a coffee grinder.
  • French Press – this grind is coarse and meant to be used with a French press pot.
  • Cold Brew – the cold brew grind is coarser than the French press grind.
  • Paper Filter Grind – this is a medium coarseness grind, perfect for use with a paper filter or siphon.
  • Chemex Grind – the chemex grind is available in a medium-coarse grind.
  • Espresso Grind – this is the finest grind of coffee we have available, and it works best with an espresso machine.
  • Moka Grind – A moka grind is medium – medium fine. It’s slightly coarser than the espresso grind, but not as coarse as a drip pot grind.

Visit Lavie Coffee for the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Your significant other will be thrilled to receive the gift of coffee for Valentine’s Day. High quality coffee beans are both a practical and thoughtful gift. View our full selection of coffee beans at Lavie Coffee.

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