Best Way to Store Coffee Beans

Best Way to Store Coffee Beans

After purchasing coffee beans, the last thing you want is for them to go bad before you get a chance to use them. It’s a shame to throw away coffee beans that were improperly stored. Coffee beans also lose flavor if exposed to moisture or light. Even though the beans are still safe for consumption, they will not have the same taste or flavor as when they first came out of the bag. LaVie Coffee ships our beans out the same day that they are roasted and ground. We ensure that our customers receive the freshest possible beans. To maximize the time that your beans are fresh, we recommend following the steps below.


  1. Store in Airtight Container

The coffee beans should be immediately transferred from the bag to an airtight container. An airtight container prevents moisture from entering the beans. Coffee beans absorb moisture and odors from the air which will compromise the final taste of your cup of coffee.


  1. Keep the Beans Dark and Cool

The airtight container needs to be kept in a dark and cool location. We recommend storing the container in a pantry that is furthest away from your oven. Sunlight ruins the coffee beans, as well as warm temperatures. 


  1. Purchase in Small Amounts

Rather than purchasing a year’s worth of coffee beans all at once, we recommend staggering your purchases. Coffee beans retain their maximum freshness for the first 2 – 3 weeks after roasting. It is during this time that you will experience the full flavor of your coffee beans. However, that is not to say that older coffee beans should be thrown away. Older coffee beans are still safe for consumption, but the flavor will be impacted.

LaVie Coffee ships out beans the same day that they were roasted, so you will receive the freshest possible coffee beans. To maintain this freshness, purchase a 2-week supply of coffee at a time.


  1. Avoid the Fridge and Freezer
Although it is tempting to put your beans in the fridge or freezer to extend the freshness of the coffee beans, this will harm the flavor. Since coffee beans absorb moisture from the air, storing the beans in the fridge or freezer may cause condensation to form inside the bag. The beans will absorb this moisture and spoil at a faster rate than if they were stored on the counter. The only way to store coffee beans in a fridge or freezer is to ensure that the bag is truly airtight and to take steps to prevent condensation from forming.
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