Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee: Part 1

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee: Part 1

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is an art form. The more you practice at it, the better you will become. However, using the proper equipment will make your job a lot easier. Although a twenty-year-old coffee brewer may still work, your coffee may taste burnt or bitter. Using better quality beans will also make a huge difference. Brewing a mind-blowing cup of coffee is easier when you start with fresh Lavie Coffee beans.


Begin with Fresh Beans

The type of beans used will dictate how much flavor your coffee has. Coffee beans that are over roasted will taste bitter compared to slow-roasted beans. Over roasted beans can also taste smoky or ashy depending on how long they were cooked. This essentially “cooks out” the natural oils and flavors that should be present in your coffee bean.

Lavie Coffee takes a different approach to roasting our coffee beans. We roast small batches to ensure that none of the coffee beans become burnt. This also brings the freshest possible beans to your doorstep, because we do not store our roasted coffee in large batches. Achieving the perfect roast brings out the best flavors and aromatics found in coffee.


Choose the Right Type of Beans

The flavor of your cup of coffee will also depend on which coffee tree the beans came from. For example, the Robusta is a cheaper coffee tree due to its ability to produce more beans and grow in a larger region. However, Robusta beans are highly acidic, so they have a very bitter flavor, regardless of the roasting process or brewing method.

On the other hand, beans from the Arabica tree are more expensive to maintain because they can only grow in areas of high altitude. However, this quirk also causes the Arabica beans to have a lower acidity which results in a smoother flavor than Robusta coffee beans.

LaVie Coffee beans are sourced from the best coffee trees from a variety of countries. By locating the best quality coffee growers, we bring high quality straight to your kitchen. Visit LaVie Coffee to view our full selection of coffee beans available. We offer both single-origin and blended coffees from high-quality coffee growers. Never settle for a bitter or bland cup of coffee again.

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