Bring Holiday Cheer with Top Shelf Coffee

Bring Holiday Cheer with Top Shelf Coffee

Christmas shopping can easily drive you to your wit’s end. Not only are you spending on gifts for everyone but finding just the right gift can be difficult. It can be challenging to buy a gift for an adult that seems to have everything they need. However, there is one thing that many adults have in common. Millions of adults across the world start their day off with a cup of coffee. For coffee drinkers, there is nothing better than receiving a gift of high-quality coffee. Needing a last-minute holiday gift? Lavie Coffee has you covered! We offer a wide selection of top-shelf coffee beans, available in various grinds and sizes.

What Sets Lavie Coffee Apart?

The nuances of coffee can be lost on those who do not drink it daily. High-quality coffee beans are nothing like the beans found in a grocery store. Those beans were roasted and ground weeks or months prior and come from questionable sources. There is no way to guarantee that the coffee beans found in the supermarket are sustainably sourced. Lavie Coffee only sources our coffee beans from small farmers from across the globe. We hand-select our coffee beans annually to guarantee that we are only allowing the best of the best coffee beans to make it to our roasting facility.

On top of sourcing high-quality beans, we also do not roast our coffee beans in advance. All of our coffee beans are roasted to order. That means you will not receive coffee beans that were sitting on a shelf in our warehouse for weeks before shipping out. Coffee beans lose their peak freshness within 2 weeks after they are roasted. Drinking older coffee beans means losing the deep flavor profile found within our freshly roasted coffee beans.

Visit Lavie Coffee for Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Lavie Coffee has high-quality coffee beans for the coffee aficionado in your life. From decaf to single-sourced and coffee blends, Lavie Coffee has something for everyone. Coffee drinkers use coffee beans every day and will appreciate the explosion of flavor found in our beans. View our full selection of coffee at Lavie Coffee.

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