Chemex Pour Over Coffee is a Hidden Gem

Chemex Pour Over Coffee is a Hidden Gem

Although Chemex pour-over coffee is well renowned in the coffee community, it is not as commonly known to the public. Chemex pour-over coffee is a hidden gem in the coffee brewing industry because it makes an incredibly smooth cup of coffee. Lavie Coffee recommends brewing a cup of Chemex coffee at least once!

What is Chemex Pour Over Coffee

Chemex coffee closely resembles regular pour-over coffee, but it has one significant difference. The filter used during the pour-over brewing method is a standard thin, paper filter. The Chemex uses a specialty filter that is thick and tightly woven. This filter greatly slows the flow of coffee through the Chemex compared to regular pour-over coffee.

Benefits of Using a Chemex

There is no smoother and less bitter coffee than one made using a Chemex. The filter in the Chemex removes virtually all the oils in the coffee. Oils are what give the coffee a bitter and acidic taste. The Chemex is perfect for those who love a clean, light coffee.

The Chemex also makes clean-up easy. The thick filter in the Chemex traps all the ground coffee, so clean-up consists mainly of throwing the filter away.

How to Brew Coffee using a Chemex

Begin by heating water to just below boiling. Place the Chemex filter within the Chemex vessel and fill it with your desired ground coffee. The ground coffee used in a Chemex should be a medium to coarse grind. The coarse grind allows the Chemex to slowly extract the coffee, resulting in a richer flavor. Lavie Coffee has a grind specifically designed for Chemex brewing. Do not use pour-over grinds for Chemex brewing, because two different grinds are used for these distinct brewing methods.

Pour the hot water over the ground coffee, and let it sit for a minimum of 5 minutes. The longer the Chemex sits, the more developed the taste will become. Once the cup of coffee is complete, remove the filter from the Chemex unit and discard it.

Brewing coffee using a Chemex is easy once you have the right equipment. Visit Lavie Coffee to see our full selection of Chemex coffee grinds. Using the wrong grind for Chemex brewing will prevent you from getting the most out of your cup of coffee.

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