Crafting Coffee with a French Press

Crafting Coffee with a French Press

The French press is easy, but flavor punching, brewing method. Although the French press does not rely on fancy machinery to create a cup of coffee, it consistently produces high-quality coffee.


What is a French Press?

A French press is a glass container with a stainless-steel filter. It was first patented in 1929, and the design has remained largely unchanged over the past 100 years. A French press steeps coffee directly in near-boiling water and uses a stainless-steel filter to separate out the coffee grind. A French press is an easy way to make 1 – 2 cups of coffee.

Benefits of a French Press

If you prefer a cup of coffee with a lower caffeine content, then a French press is the brewing method for you. Coffee made using a French press will have, on average, between 80 – 135 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup. This is lower than the 165 mg of caffeine typically found in drip coffee.

A French press allows for a greater depth of flavor compared to other brewing methods, because there is no paper filter used. A paper filter catches the oils in coffee and prevents the full range of flavor to come through. The oils in coffee are what give it a rich flavor. In a French press, the coffee steeps in the water in a French press, all the oils are left in your cup and not in the coffee filter!

How to Brew Coffee Using a French Press

To start, you will need a French press glass container. Coarse coffee grinds should be used with a French press because a fine grind will not be caught by the stainless-steel filter. Lavie Coffee offers a variety of high-quality French press grinds. Fill the French press container with your desired amount of ground coffee. You should heat water to a near boil and pour it over your ground coffee.

Wait 30 seconds after pouring to stir the coffee mixture to remove carbon dioxide and enhance the flavor. This process is called blooming the coffee. Now you should apply the lid to the French press and wait an additional 4 – 5 minutes for the coffee to steep. After this time is up, use the stainless-steel plunger to separate the grind from the coffee.

The French press is a quick and easy way to brew coffee whether you are a weekend warrior or coffee aficionado. Lavie Coffee has top-quality coffee grinds available to make your French press cup of Joe the best one yet.

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