Do You Know the Difference Between Dark Roast and Light Roast Coffee?

Do You Know the Difference Between Dark Roast and Light Roast Coffee?

Roasting coffee beans is an art. Various roast masters over the years have worked diligently to produce varied types of roasted coffee. For instance, the roast masters at Lavie Coffee understand how every bean is different and must have its own particular roasting recipe. If one bean is roasted the same as another, you will wind up with a poor tasting and over/under roasted coffee bean. However, there are ways to roast the same bean and achieve a varied taste profile. By roasting coffee beans at different temperatures, you can create either a light roast or a dark roast.

Why is Coffee Roasted?

When coffee is picked directly off the coffee plant, it is considered green. The coffee beans have a woodsy flavor and do not have a characteristic coffee taste. Only once a coffee bean is slow roasted at a specific temperature will it develop the taste that we all know and love. Roasting coffee brings out the oils within the bean and generates flavor.

Which Roast Has More Caffeine?

Although a dark roast sounds more mysterious and stronger than a light roast, it does not contain more caffeine. A light roast is usually more caffeinated than a dark roast because more caffeine will burn off the longer that a bean is roasted. However, the type of bean determines the exact amount of caffeine. For example, a Robusta coffee bean will contain more caffeine than an Arabica bean no matter how either bean is roasted.

Is a Dark Roast More Bitter than a Light Roast?

Those that enjoy a less bitter cup of coffee should stick to a light roast. A light roast of coffee has been roasted for a shorter amount of time and reached a lower final temperature than a dark roast. This means that the oils within the bean have not fully permeated, and the bean will taste less bitter overall. Achieving a smooth cup of coffee also matters less on the type of roast and more on the quality of the coffee bean. A high-quality coffee bean from Lavie Coffee will have a less bitter taste than a poor-quality bean. Our coffee beans have a nuanced and distinct flavor profile that cannot be matched by poorer quality beans. View our full selection of coffee beans at Lavie Coffee.

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