How Exactly is Coffee Roasted?

How Exactly is Coffee Roasted?

You may not know this but there is an art to roasting coffee. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to roasting coffee beans. Every batch of coffee must be roasted individually and carefully monitored during the roasting process. LaVie Coffee roasts all our coffee beans to order, and we ship them out the same day they are roasted.

What is Roasted Coffee?

Coffee is roasted to remove the moisture content and bring out the flavor profile in the coffee beans. Before roasting coffee beans, they are green and do not look or smell like a typical coffee bean. Green coffee beans are described as having a grassy taste, and they have been thought to have certain health benefits. The roasting process removes these natural properties from the coffee beans, but it greatly enhances the flavor and allows us to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee beans are roasted at different temperatures, depending on the desired roast. The final flavor is determined by the temperature and length the beans are roasted. Beans that are roasted longer lose the nuanced flavor profile present in the coffee beans, but they gain oils and lose acidity the longer they roast. Common coffee roasts include:

  1. Light Roasts
  2. Medium Roasts
  3. Medium-Dark Roasts
  4. Dark Roasts

How is Coffee Roasted?

Coffee beans are roasted within a large, rotating drum. The drum is pre-heated to the desired temperature; usually this is pre-set at 240 degrees Fahrenheit. As the drum rotates, it ensures that all the coffee beans are evenly roasted. Once the coffee beans hit the desired internal temperature, they are removed from the rotating drum. For example, a light roast will be heated to no more than 415 degrees Fahrenheit, while a dark roast must be heated to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this does not seem like a large difference, it makes a profound impact on the final taste of the coffee beans.

Once the coffee beans are removed from the rotating drum, they are cooled down and sorted for best quality. LaVie Coffee does not allow poor-quality coffee beans to make it through the quality control step. We screen all our roasted beans for any potential defects. View our selection of highly fragranced coffee beans at LaVie Coffee.

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