How to Identify a High-Quality Coffee Bean

How to Identify a High-Quality Coffee Bean

Not all coffee beans are created equally. Some coffee beans are of a higher quality than others. Many consumers prefer high-quality coffee beans for their enhanced taste. After all, over 1 billion people worldwide are busy crafting the perfect cup of coffee each morning. With such a large population interested in drinking coffee, it is no surprise that many consumers demand high-quality coffee beans as opposed to the bottom-shelf coffee typically found in grocery stores. Lavie Coffee has hand-selected coffee beans of the highest quality. Our coffee beans are ethically sourced from farmers across different nations.

Components of a High-Quality Coffee Bean

Some businesses will attempt to fool customers by selling low-quality coffee beans. It is essential to recognize good quality coffee beans so that you are not disappointed in your final cup of coffee. You can always trust Lavie Coffee to deliver beans of the highest quality.

The following components should be taken into consideration when shopping for coffee beans:

  1. Origin of the Coffee Beans

Coffee beans will taste differently depending on where they were grown. Local growing conditions, such as the temperature, humidity, and even elevation, impact the coffee bean’s quality.

  1. Type of Coffee Plant

There are two dominant coffee plants in today’s day and age, the Arabica and the Robusta. Coffee beans from the Robusta plant are of lower quality than the Arabica. Robusta coffee has a bitter taste and is not as smooth as Arabica beans.

  1. Roast Date of the Coffee Beans

Coffee beans quickly lose their flavor after they are roasted. It takes as few as 5 – 10 days after roasting to lose most of the subtle flavors found in the coffee beans. For this reason, Lavie Coffee roasts and ships our beans on the same day. You will receive the freshest coffee beans possible.

  1. Color of the Roasted Beans

The color of the roasted beans will tell you whether it was roasted properly. A light roast should not have a bean as dark as one found in a dark roast. Improperly roasted coffee may not be the correct roast that you purchased.

Lavie Coffee is known for our high-quality coffee beans. We encourage coffee enthusiasts to understand how to spot the difference between high and low-quality coffee beans. Please view our full selection of coffee beans at Lavie Coffee.

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