How to Tell Good Quality Beans Apart

How to Tell Good Quality Beans Apart

Most consumers of coffee use pre-ground coffee beans. The convenience of having the coffee ground for you already is handy in the mornings when you need to run out the door. However, the quality of coffee beans matters for ground coffee, as well as whole coffee beans. The quality of the beans will impact the finishing flavor of your cup of coffee. Starting with quality coffee beans, such as the beans available at Lavie Coffee, will result in a mind-blowing cup of Joe.


Origin of the Coffee Beans

Many coffee bean producers will not tell consumers where their coffee beans originated from. The origin of the coffee beans has an impact on the final taste and quality of the beans. For example, some countries have higher humidity or temperature. The soil and altitude that which the beans were grown will also dictate the quality of the coffee beans.

Lavie Coffee is transparent with where our coffee beans originated from. We offer single-origin coffee beans, as well as blends from different countries. The blends provide a depth of flavor due to the complex combinations that we have assembled. We also provide decaffeinated coffee beans for those sensitive to caffeine but still enjoy a good cup of coffee.


Roast Date of the Beans

Roasting coffee beans brings out complex flavors and draws out the moisture in the beans. Green coffee beans are highly acidic and have a grassy taste when prepared. The roasting process must be done correctly. Otherwise, the bean will taste burnt or bitter. When coffee is roasted in large batches, some beans may be over roasted while others are under roasted.

At Lavie Coffee, we roast all our beans in small batches. Our coffee beans are shipped out the same day that they are roasted so that you receive the freshest possible beans. Freshly roasted and ground coffee beans are brimming with flavor compared to beans sitting on a shelf for over a month.


High-Quality Coffee Beans

Lavie Coffee is committed to using the highest quality beans in our coffee blends. We strive to bring delectable cups of coffee into every home. The coffee beans at Lavie Coffee are hand-sourced and expertly crafted. Start the day off right with a cup of Lavie Coffee.
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