The Art of Mastering Moka Pot Coffee

The Art of Mastering Moka Pot Coffee

Although it was first invented in 1933, making it a whopping 90 years old, the moka pot is still a relatively obscure method of brewing coffee. The coffee produced in a moka pot packs a punch. It is capable of brewing coffee twice as strong as a drip machine. Known as a stovetop espresso maker, it is a favorite amongst coffee aficionados.

Best Coffee Beans to Use in a Moka Pot

The moka pot requires medium to medium fine coffee beans for the ideal brew. Although the moka pot creates a mind-blowing cup of coffee without any fancy gadgets, you must start with high-quality coffee beans for the best flavor. Lavie Coffee offers top-shelf coffee beans in both single-source and blended varieties. All of our coffee beans are available in a moka pot grind to ensure that you get the best extraction possible.

How to Brew Moka Pot Coffee

Although there are electronic versions of the moka pot on the market, the traditional moka pot is used on a stovetop. The moka pot brews coffee similarly to espresso by using pressure to draw water through the coffee beans. However, the moka pot does not make a true espresso, because it only operates at 1- 3 bars of pressure (compared to the average 9 bars of pressure found in an espresso machine). Moka pot coffee has been described as being more similar to an americano than true espresso.

To brew a cup of coffee using a moka pot, start with high quality coffee beans from Lavie Coffee. You will need to fill the bottom of the moka pot with water, and the top portion of the moka pot with the coffee grinds. Place your moka pot over medium–high heat and wait approximately 5 – 8 minutes for the coffee to brew. Moka pot coffee can be diluted using your favorite coffee recipes or dracnk as-is.

Purchase Moka Pot Coffee Beans at Lavie Coffee

Lavie Coffee offers the best deals on high-quality coffee beans. We pride ourselves on our small-batch roasting and the phenomenal taste of our coffee beans. Starting with a good quality bean makes all the difference in the final taste of your cup of coffee. View our full selection at Lavie Coffee.

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