Top Tips for Improving Home-Brewed Coffee

Top Tips for Improving Home-Brewed Coffee

Once you get into a daily routine, it can be difficult to change things up. Brewing the same bland coffee day in and day out can put a damper on your morning. Shake things up by improving your morning cup of Joe. We have compiled several tips to turn your boring cup of coffee into a mind-blowing sensation.

Source High-Quality Coffee Beans

You can only expect to drink an exceptional cup of coffee if you start with high-quality coffee beans. Most coffee beans sold at grocery stores do not have a roast date on the package. Lavie Coffee roasts all beans to order. Coffee beans lose their peak freshness 2 – 3 weeks after being roasted. After 3 weeks, the flavor in the coffee beans declines rapidly. You can instantly make your coffee taste better by using freshly roasted coffee beans from Lavie Coffee.

Very few companies roast their beans properly too. Roasting is an art that only a few have perfected. Improperly roasted coffee beans will either not hit their target roast temperature or be over-roasted and taste burnt. The roast masters at Lavie Coffee have been perfecting the art of coffee roasting for over 30 years. All coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure evenly roasted coffee.

Use the Right Coffee Grind Size

Coffee beans from the supermarket typically offer a single predetermined grind size. Lavie Coffee allows consumers to choose their grind size depending on their preferred brewing method. For example, a fine grind is ideal for a drip coffee pot, but a French Press requires a coarse grind of coffee. Using the wrong grind will result in a poorly flavored cup of coffee. A coarse grind in a drip coffee machine will not extract all of the coffee as the water runs through it. Similarly, a fine coffee grind in a French Press will leak through the stainless-steel filter and you will be drinking coffee grind.

Branch Out to Other Brewing Methods

An easy way to spice up your cup of coffee is to use other brewing methods. Although the drip coffee pot is what most consumers are most comfortable using, there are many other methods for brewing coffee. Lavie Coffee offers our coffee grind in various sizes to accommodate different brewing methods. We even provide whole coffee beans if you prefer to grind your own at home. Please view our full selection of high-quality coffee beans at Lavie Coffee.

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