Types of Coffee Grinds: Part 1

Types of Coffee Grinds: Part 1

Over 150 million people in the United States all share one thing in common: they all drink coffee. Over 50% of Americans start off their day with a cup of coffee because nothing beats that delicious aroma in the morning. With this many coffee drinkers, it comes as no surprise that there are dozens of ways to prepare your coffee. The type of grind that you purchase should be tailored for the method of preparation. Using the wrong grind will not ruin your cup of coffee, but it will take away from the taste and aroma. At Lavie Coffee, we offer the freshest beans from the finest coffee growers in a variety of grinds.

Types of Coffee Grinds

Lavie Coffee has several grinds available depending on how you like to prepare your coffee:

Whole Beans

Many coffee aficionados prefer to grind their own coffee beans. Grinding your own beans allows you to control the exact grind and alter it from day to day to suit your needs. You are not stuck in a single method of preparation, because you can change how coarsely or finely you grind your coffee beans.

The coffee taste and aroma that we all know and love comes from the oils in the beans. When you grind your own coffee, more oils are transferred from your beans which results in deeper flavor. Lavie Coffee has both blended and organic coffee varieties available in the whole bean.

French Press

The art of the French press ensures that all the coffee’s oils make it into your cup, rather than getting caught by the paper filter in your coffee machine. A French press is a manual coffee preparation device that allows the coffee grind to directly steep in boiling water. Once the ground coffee has steeped for a length of time, it is passed through a stainless-steel filter to remove the beans.

This allows the maximum number of oils to enter your cup from the coffee beans. Simply put, your coffee will taste amazing when you use a French press. Coarse coffee beans are best utilized for a French press, and Lavie Coffee has several varieties on hand.

Cold Brew

Lavie Coffee has a special cold brew grind that is specially designed for maximum flavor extraction. This grind is slightly coarser, which will work well for the 12 – 18 hours that you let the coffee steep in cold water.

The morning cannot start without a cup of coffee. Make it a mind-blowing cup by using the correct type of coffee grinds. View our full coffee selection at Lavie Coffee to find the perfect bean to accompany your breakfast.

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