Types of Coffee Grinds: Part 2

Types of Coffee Grinds: Part 2

Coffee is like pizza, where even when it’s bad it’s still good. However, you should not settle for second-rate coffee. Brew the perfect cup of coffee in the morning by using the correct type of beans. The coarseness or fineness of the coffee beans should be tailored to how you make your coffee. Unlock the full flavor potential of your morning coffee by using a variety of coffee grinds from Lavie Coffee.

Types of Coffee Grinds

Lavie Coffee understands that coffee beans are not one size fits all. We offer most of our coffee beans in several grinds:

Paper Filter Grind

Paper filters are used inside coffee machines. They catch the ground coffee before it makes it into the pot. However, they also catch much of the flavor that’s inside the ground coffee. Lavie Coffee’s paper filter grind is specially formulated to allow maximum flavor extraction during the brewing process. This grind has a medium coarseness, making it ideal for brewing using a paper filter.

Chemax Grind

Although not as popular in mainstream media, a Chemex is an excellent coffeemaker. A Chemex is an hourglass-shaped manual coffeemaker that uses a special filter. A Chemex grind is medium-coarse, allowing excellent flavor extraction through the bonded paper filter. Lavie Coffee has designed our Chemex grind to deliver the best flow rate possible.

Espresso Grind

Espresso machines require a specific type of grind to function properly. An espresso grind is very fine, almost to the same texture as table salt. An espresso machine creates a concentrated cup of coffee by using high pressure. Hot water is forced through the coffee grinds at this high pressure. Coarse grinds do not work well in an espresso machine.

Moka Grind

Moka coffee is like espresso because it uses pressure to force hot water through coffee grinds. However, Moka does not use as high of pressure like an espresso machine. Due to this, Lavie Coffee’s Moka grind is medium to medium-fine. It is not as fine as the espresso grind, but much finer than the other grinds available.

Lavie Coffee has several types of coffee grinds available, depending on how you like to make your coffee. Select the right type of grind to ensure that you are unlocking the full flavor potential in your cup of coffee. Check out our full coffee bean selection at Lavie Coffee.

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