What is Cold Brew Coffee?

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

One of the newest trends in the coffee world is cold brew coffee. Taking the coffee world by storm, every coffee chain is making its variations of cold brew coffee. However, cold brew coffee is not difficult to make for the average consumer. Cold brew coffee requires even less equipment than drip coffee. As a matter of fact, you do not need any special equipment to make cold brew coffee. The only items required are high-quality coffee beans from Lavie Coffee and a container of cold water.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

As its name implies, cold brew coffee is steeped in cold water. Typical coffee is extracted using hot water. The French press, drip coffee, and Aeropress brewing methods all require hot water to be used for the extraction process. Steeping coffee beans in cold water takes as long as 8 – 24 hours to create a cup of coffee. This is much longer than the several minutes it takes to make a hot cup of coffee. Cold brew differs from traditional brewing methods because it releases an entirely different taste from the coffee beans. The final result is a much less acidic cup of coffee than one made using traditional methods.

Coffee beans are usually steeped at a 1:8 or a 1:9 ratio of coffee to water to create a cold brew. These ratios will create a very concentrated cup of cold brew, so it is important to dilute this before drinking it, otherwise you will get the caffeine jitters.

It is always crucial to begin with high-quality coffee beans for the extraction process. Stale or old coffee beans will produce a very poor cup of coffee compared to a cup made from high-quality beans from Lavie Coffee. Lavie Coffee roasts all beans to order, meaning that no beans are sitting on a warehouse shelf waiting to be purchased. Roasted coffee beans lose their peak freshness after 2 – 3 weeks, so getting fresh coffee beans is crucial.

Visit Lavie Coffee for High-Quality Cold Brew Coffee Beans

Cold brews usually require a coarse grind for coffee beans. Lavie Coffee offers our coffee grind in several sizes depending on your needs. We have both single-origin and blended coffees available. Visit our shop at Lavie Coffee to find your next cold brew coffee beans.

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