What is Ethically Sourced Coffee?

What is Ethically Sourced Coffee?

Today, businesses around the world are taking steps to be more conscious of the environment. For many of us, a cup of coffee is part of our daily routine, waking us up and getting us prepped for the day.

However, many of us fail to stop and think about where our coffee is coming from, unsure if producers are paid and treated ethically. Purchasing ethically sourced coffee from Lavie Coffee is one way to support the environment and back only fair-trade products.

Why Is Ethically Sourced Coffee Important?

Most of the coffee in the world comes from countries like Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and Indonesia. In these countries, exploitation of workers is rampant, including unimaginable working conditions, long hours, and very little pay. Ethically sourced coffee comes from producers that ensure fair pay and working conditions for all parties, including both farmers and laborers.

When purchasing coffee from producers where there is no guarantee of proper treatment, owners are able to continue making large profits while exploiting those who depend on work to survive. Lavie Coffee only supports ethically sourced coffee from sustainable coffee sources. We offer single-blended coffees, as well as blended coffee beans from multiple sources.

How To Buy Ethically Sourced Coffee

If you decide to make the switch to ethically sourced coffee, you will stand for exploited workers across the globe. Shop with Lavie Coffee to ensure you are purchasing ethically sourced coffee. Paul Massard, the roast master behind Lavie Coffee, has over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry. He personally examines beans from each region yearly for quality and freshness. We work closely with local farmers across the globe to bring you ethically sourced and high-quality coffee beans.

Choose Ethically Sourced Coffee from Lavie Coffee

By drinking a cup of ethically sourced coffee from Lavie Coffee, you will find fulfillment in knowing you are supporting fair business practices and fair treatment of laborers across the globe. Check out our full selection of high-quality coffee beans at Lavie Coffee. We have coffee blends available for all coffee connoisseurs.

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